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Welcome to YMCA Thames Gateway

We are a charity and have been serving the local community for over 130 years.  Whilst our focus is on young people, we work with all members of the community, in the belief that everyone should be able to reach their full potential, regardless of their background.  We call this a youth minded community approach.

Every night we provide supported accommodation for homeless people locally, providing young people with opportunities to develop the necessary life skills to find work and live independently.

We have specialist expertise in working with young men and women, and aim to be the voice of all young people.  We give people practical support to help them achieve their full potential.  We live in your community, providing a broad range of activities and services to meet local needs.  Every day we do inspiring work, supporting young people and helping them belong, contribute and thrive in their local communities.

You will find us getting involved in a wide range of services in your community, including:

Housing – nationally the YMCA is the largest supplier of safe, supported accommodation for young people in England, providing just under 10,000 beds every night.

Children’s Services – we work with young people of all ages, recognising that support at the earliest years can have a positive impact on a young person’s long-term development.

Fitness and Wellbeing – we are the largest voluntary sector provider of activities and services to promote health and wellbeing in England.

Youth and community work – we are here for all young people, supporting those going through difficult times, as well as providing activities for all young people in a community to enjoy.

Education, Skills and Training – we enable young people to choose from a wide range of education and skills-based training to help them achieve their full potential and live independently.

We work across a number of boroughs including Havering, Barking and Dagenham, Dartford, Greenwich and Ashford. 

We work from the following locations: Romford, Dartford, Greenwich and Ashford.